Android Fixes Suggested By Cell Phone Repair Store In Airdrie

Android Fixes Suggested By Cell Phone Repair Store In Ave NE Calgary

Do you know you don’t have to run to a cell phone repair store in Airdrie, AB every time you encounter a problem? Some fixes are small and have quick solutions that can be done from the comfort of your home. We do understand that many people are hesitant to do repairs themselves – like low storage or home screen mess; but don’t worry, because The Mobile Market has got you covered.

Implement these simple-to-perform solutions that our technicians approve of whenever you face any small Android problem. So, without any delay, let’s get into the details of these.

Cell Phone Repair Store in Airdrie Tips For Low Storage

Surely, an old-age problem with Android – is the finite storage. It is frustrating to see no space message when you want to download an application. Well, there are some solutions you can try out. For instance, delete some apps that you haven’t used in months. Or else, utilize cloud storage. Your phones can be easily connected to Google Drive where you can upload all your data and delete the local copies. Another thing you can do is to download the ‘Files’ app from Google- it will help you keep track of which app is consuming more storage space on the phone. 

Subpar Battery Life

Phone battery problems are the common reason why users have to visit a cell phone repair center. However, not every problem requires professional care. The fastest way you can see a difference in the battery life is by adjusting the screen settings. Turn down the screen brightness as it burns out the most battery in comparison to any other thing. 

Secondly, adjust the screen timeout setting to as low as you are comfortable with. The less time your screen stays on, the longer the phone battery will last. 

Bloatware Problems

Android devices are most likely to be loaded with a lot of junk that you don’t use. Luckily, these can be hidden away to the maximum if not completely eliminated. The simplest way to resolve the issue is to visit your Application section in the settings to look at all the installed apps. If you see something that you don’t use, simply select it and choose the uninstall option – and if your phone is not giving this option, then our repair services experts recommend you disable the app. 

Mess On The Home Screen

The built-in search bars to news streams that you don’t want to see – the Android smartphone screens are not always in optimal condition. You can make changes as per your requirement, or install some third-party launcher. Android has a wide array of options available that you can choose based on your taste. 

 Solution By Cell Phone Repair Store In Coopers Blvd For A Slow Phone 

Smartphones tend to slow down over a period of time. It is quite normal as the device gets old and this can happen due to several reasons. The best way to see quick changes in the performance is by deleting the apps you are not using, cleaning the storage, or installing a custom launcher to optimize the performance. However, if it still doesn’t work, bring it to our store for repair.

We rely on our smartphones to carry out our daily tasks, and it’s a big bummer when they are not performing to their fullest. While some of the problems may require you to visit our cell phone repair store in Airdrie, others you can fix with these simple tips. We hope this guide will help you bring your device performance back to normal.