How To Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast?

How To Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast?

We all hope our phone’s battery will last until we get home to charge it. But sometimes, it doesn’t. Don’t worry. If your iPhone always needs to be plugged in, there are ways to maintain the battery health of the iPhone.

First, try restarting your phone to clear random issues. Update your software and apps to fix battery problems and lower screen brightness, or use auto-brightness. You may also check battery health in Settings. If it says Service, you may need a new battery. You can turn on Low Power mode in Settings for longer battery life.

If none of the above-mentioned tips help resolve the issue, it is wise to seek professional iPhone repair services. 

Tips To Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Here is how you can resolve the battery problem. 

Tip 1: Restart Your iPhone

First of all, try restarting your iPhone. Sometimes, the issues are caused by minor glitches and software errors. By restarting your iPhone, you can resolve these minor issues. Here is how to restart your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • When Slide to Power Off appears, slide the slider.
  • Wait for the iPhone to turn off completely.
  • Press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

This will restart your iPhone. However, if it does not resolve the problem, you may move on to the next step. 

Tip 2: Disable Background App Refresh

Another effective way to fix iPhone battery draining fast is to disable background app refresh, especially If you think an app is causing battery drain. Many apps run in the background and use battery. To disable it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose Background App Refresh
  • Turn off the app or apps you don’t want running

Tip 3: Lower Screen Brightness

This easy change can help your iPhone battery last longer. Keeping your screen at full brightness drains the battery fast.

  • Open the Control Center by swiping up.
  • Dim your screen to save the battery.
  • Slide the brightness down until you can still see the screen clearly.

Tip 4: Turn On Auto-Brightness

Auto-brightness uses ambient light to adjust the iPhone screen. Enabling this feature will conserve your iPhone battery, but you can also manually adjust it in the Control Center.

  • Go to Settings 
  • Select Accessibility 
  • Choose Display and Text
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find Auto-Brightness and turn it on

Tip 5: Limit Push Notifications

Another effective way to fix the fast draining of an iPhone battery is to limit push notifications. Notifications, like instant messages or ‘back in stock’ alerts, can be very distracting and drain your battery fast. Disabling all Push Notifications is tough, but many are ignored because there are too many.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Notifications.
  • Limit your push notifications to stop your iPhone battery from draining fast.
  • You will see a list of your apps with notifications. It will show what they can send you or say Off if it is already turned off.
  • Go through each app and turn off Allow Notifications if you don’t need it.

Keep notifications on for important apps like:

  • Banking or payment apps
  • Reminder or To-do apps

To Sum Up

So this is how to fix your iPhone battery draining fast. First, restart your iPhone to clear up minor glitches. Disable Background App Refresh to stop apps from running in the background. Lower your screen brightness and turn on Auto-Brightness to save energy. You may also limit push notifications to reduce battery drain.

Following these steps can help your iPhone battery last longer and improve your phone’s performance. However, if these tips do not prove to be effective for you it may be an indication that your iPhone battery needs to be replaced. In such a case, it is recommended to seek help from a reputed iPhone repair store such as The Mobile Market.

We have a team of highly experienced and well-trained technicians who can fix all your iPhone battery problems effectively and instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my iPhone battery health decreasing so fast?

Your iPhone battery health may decrease fast because of high usage, many background apps, frequent charging, using the phone in extreme temperatures, or having an old battery.

How do I reset my iPhone battery?

To reset your iPhone battery, drain it completely until it turns off. Then, charge it fully to 100% without interruptions. This can help recalibrate the battery.

How to fix iPhone battery health?

To fix iPhone battery health, reduce screen brightness, close unused apps, update iOS, use low power mode, and avoid extreme temperatures. If problems persist, consider replacing the battery.