How to Fix Some Keys on the Logitech iPad Keyboard Not Working?

Keyboards of Logitech for iPads are among the most effective for both efficiency and convenience, delivering smooth typing and resulting in an easy user experience. On the other hand, this problem is similar to any electronic device; it may have some issues, like some keys not working. Do not panic; The Mobile Market iPad repair technicians have recommended tips for fixing a non-responsive iPad keyboard.

Below are steps on how to fix some keys on the Logitech iPad keyboard that are not working.

  • Learn the Reasons for Keyboard Malfunction: Know why your keyboard is not working.
  • Ensure Proper Connections: Ensure your keyboard is twisted correctly on your laptop.
  • Give Your iPad a Restart: Turn off the iPad, wait, and then restart the device.
  • Verify iPad Keyboard Compatibility: Assure your iPad and keyboard work together without compatibility issues.
  • Combat Dust and Debris: Address unresponsive keys by cleaning dust and debris.
  • Keep Software Updated: Prevent keyboard issues by ensuring your software is up-to-date.
  • Repair the Keyboard Connection: Resolve connection problems by repairing issues.
  • Battery Check is Essential: Ensure your keyboard has sufficient power for Logitech iPad keyboard troubleshooting.
  • Hire Professional Assistance: Seek expert help for a thorough diagnosis and resolution.

9 Steps to Fix Some Keys on Logitech iPad Keyboard

To deal with the problematic Logitech iPad keyboard, consider the systemic approach that includes hardware and software constituents. By doing this, you can troubleshoot and pinpoint the source of the problem, which is the key to malfunction. You can also fix the malfunction and return your keyboard to optimal performance. The routine servicing with the anti-virus boosts the credibility and terms of keyboard usage for iPad.

1. Learn the Reasons for Keyboard Malfunction

Understanding the potential causes of keyboard malfunction is the first step in finding a solution. Smart Connectors can lose efficiency when dirty, affecting device connections. Dust on keyboard keys hinders proper pressing. Bluetooth pairing issues may render your keyboard inactive. An iPad software glitch or physical damage to the keyboard or iPad can also disrupt functionality.

2. Ensure Proper Connections

Ensuring proper connections is crucial when addressing Logitech iPad keyboard malfunctions. 

  • Disconnect the keyboard from your iPad.
  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Connect the devices to Bluetooth mode. 

This straightforward step generally helps too many Wi-Fi connections to be present, leading to a stable and reliable connection followed by proper keys functioning again and solving the problem of the iPad keyboard key not responding.

3. Give Your iPad a Restart

It is possible to refresh your Logitech iPad keyboard by telling your iPad to restart it. 

  • To turn off your iPad, press and hold the power button.
  • Swipe the “slide to power off” slider.
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn it on until the Apple logo appears.

This simple step eliminates the system freezing glitches, refreshes the system, and often restores the software version to default, making your keyboard work again and fixing the keyboard not working.

4. Verify iPad Keyboard Compatibility

It is critical to prove that your Logitech iPad keyboard suits your ideal device. It is essential to confirm from the keyboard’s technology details and compatible device lists that it was made for your iPad model. Demonstrating compatibility eliminates potential issues arising from mismatched devices and ensures that your Logitech keyboard is optimized for seamless integration with your iPad.

5. Combat Dust and Debris

Combatting dust and debris is vital to fixing non-functional keys on the Logitech keyboard. Accumulated particles between the keys can hinder their performance. 

  • Turn off the Logitech iPad keyboard.
  • Hold it upside down and shake gently to dislodge loose debris. 
  • Use compressed air to blow away the remaining dust.
  • Wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth.

This little maintenance activity assures that each button is executing efficiently, reducing interruptions and consolidating the total efficiency of your Logitech keys.

6. Keep Software Updated

The iPad keyboard will function even more smoothly if you regularly keep it up-to-date. Put your iPad’s system software up to date by getting to Settings, choosing General, and seeking Software Updates. Also, log on to the Logitech site to follow any discharge related to your keyboard issue. Keeping software current enhances compatibility and addresses potential glitches, ensuring optimal performance.

7. Repair the Keyboard Connection

Repairing the keyboard connection can be effective in addressing iPad keyboard malfunctions. You can contact repair technicians at The Mobile Market so that they can diagnose the issues and fix them.

8. Battery Check is Essential

A battery check is essential to resolving issues with Logitech iPad keyboard inputs. Ensure your keyboard has sufficient power by checking the battery levels. If low, replace or charge the keyboard with a rechargeable battery. If your iPad is not charging, make sure to address that issue as well. Power systems are the important ones whose keys will work well enough to operate normally. Thus, no failures would arise. That makes the keyboard smoothly typing well.

9. Hire Professional Assistance

When all else fails, seeking professional assistance from The Mobile Market professionals is a prudent step in resolving Logitech iPad keyboard issues. Contact Logitech customer support or an authorized service center for expert help. Service centers, which typically sell genuine replacement parts, have experts on-site who can diagnose and resolve various issues.

What’s the problem with Logitech keyboard keys sticking?

There may be problems with the keys on your iPad’s Logitech keyboard due to physical damage, connectivity problems, outdated driver software, or dust and lint accumulation. The check for physical damage is a must. Then, you need to reconnect the keyboard, upgrade the software, clean the keys, and hard reset it if necessary.

What can I do to resolve the issue of the keyboard becoming unresponsive?

If the Logitech keyboard has become unresponsive, inspect it for any physical damage, reconnect the device, and activate Bluetooth to diagnose the problem. If required, update the firmware of the control panel’s software. Cleaning the keyboard and checking for conflicting settings can also help restore responsiveness. These are steps on how to fix some keys on the Logitech iPad keyboard not working.

Why does the keyboard not type in the correct order of letters?

You might encounter a typing problem if the keyboard is not responding appropriately, is constellated with software issues, has conflicting keyboard settings, or the users’ input language. Verify the selected keyboard layout in your device settings, update the software, and check for any contradictory settings affecting key input.


Learning how to fix some keys on the Logitech iPad keyboard not working? Following these eight steps, users can often identify and resolve the root cause of keys not working. Frequent maintenance, cleaning, and firmware updates aimed at extending the Logitech keyboard life cycle contribute to smooth functionality simultaneously.