How to Fix Your Dead Phone Without Visiting Cell Phone Repair Store

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Your phone died once, but now you want to turn it on somehow? Well, don’t worry. We are here for your help. In this article, we will discuss the best solutions to help you turn on your dead phone without visiting a cell phone repair shop in Airdrie. By the article’s end, you will turn on your dead phone yourself while sitting at home. But still, if you are unable to turn it on, make sure to seek professional help from The Mobile Market. We have a wide range of repair services to help turn on your dead phone. Moreover, our services are not just affordable but also very reliable. You can trust our services without hesitation and get long-term and durable results. 

Fix Your Dead Phone Without Visiting Cell Phone Repair Store 

Here we will talk about ways to help you turn on your dead phone without visiting any cell phone repair store in Airdrie, AB. Make sure to read the information carefully to complete the process successfully.

Fix The Charging Problem

The first thing you can do to turn on your dead phone is to fix the charging problem. Troubleshoot your phone’s charging issues and check if the charger and the charging cable are working properly. Moreover, look at the charging port and power outlet and ensure they are not blocked by dust or damage. Put your phone on charge and then see if your phone is charging properly. If your phone is still not charging, then you can use the same charger for charging another Android phone that you have. If the other phone is charging, your charger is completely fine. The issue is with your device. Ask Airdrie’s cell phone repair service provider to change your charging port or power outlet. But if the other phone is also not charging, it means the charger is creating the whole battery problem. For this, get yourself a new charger and charge your phone.

Keep Charging The Dead Phone

Many people lose hope of being able to turn on their phone once it dies. But this is the biggest mistake that people make. The best battery solution for turning on a dead phone is to keep it charging. When you leave charging your phone for a long time, the battery dies and is drained to zero. This affects the battery’s performance and life, ultimately leading to battery death. As a result, your phone does not get on after you stop charging it once it dies. The best solution to this problem is to charge your phone for at least 30 minutes and see if any activity happens. But one thing to remember is to use a compatible and high-quality working charger to charge your phone. 

Visit a cell phone repair center and ask them for a high-quality, compatible charger. Increasing the charging duration will also prove helpful. You can also charge it for up to 2 hours to notice any activity. This will ensure that your phone has enough battery power to turn on. Moreover, your phone comes with a charging indicator showing that it turns on when you put it on charge. Sometimes you can also see the screen turning on when putting your dead phone on charge. One thing to consider here is to be patient when turning on your dead phone. So wait for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours before you turn your phone back.

Force Restart Your Phone 

Another great solution to turn on your dead phone is to try force restarting your device. For this, keep the Power button pressed for up to seconds. You can also press the Volume down (or up) along with the Power button for up to 10 seconds. If you cannot do this yourself at home, you should get professional help from a cell phone repair store.

Check The Phone Screen 

Sometimes the problem might be with the phone screen, not the phone system. So visit different phone repair shops and ask them to check your phone screen. They will tell you if there is some problem with the screen or provide you tips to protect your phone screen. Replace the phone screen if it is damaged and see if your phone turns on again.


Hopefully, by using these methods, you have turned on your dead phone without visiting any cell phone repair store in Airdrie, AB. Following the above techniques carefully will give you successful results, and you can use your phone again. But if you can still turn it on, you should get professional help from The Mobile Market. Talk to our customer support center and let us know about your phone issues. Bring your phone to us, and we will fix it as required. Our phone repair services are very efficient and quick. You will get back your repaired phone in just a few days.