How to Fix a Cracked Computer Screen Without Replacing It?

Computer Screen

A cracked computer screen can be one of the most depressing for users because replacing it will take a lot of time and might cost a fortune. However, you can save time and money on repair and replacement by following tips from computer repair technicians.

  • Restart Your Device
  • Check the Screen for Debris and Dust
  • Attach Another Screen to Check
  • Repair the Dead Pixels
  • Bring the Video Driver Up-to-Date
  • Apply a Screen Protector
  • Check the Cables and Backlight Connections
  • Send the Computer to Screen Crack Repair Techniques

8 Steps to Fix a Shattered Computer Screen Without Replacing It

Here’s what you need to do!

1. Restart Your Device

The next step is restarting the computer, one of the most vital screen crack repair techniques. Sometimes, the cracks might be caused by a glitch in the display. So, you can restart your computer by;

  • Press the keyboard’s Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select the restart option.
  • Click the power button and choose restart.

2. Check the Screen for Debris and Dust

After ensuring that the cracks are not software glitches, you should know if dust and debris are not what is causing this.

  • You can turn off and unplug the computer.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the dust.
  • Also, ensure to remove smudges and fingerprints from the screen.
  • Lastly, disinfect the screen with an isopropyl alcohol solution as a DIY computer screen repair.

3. Attach Another Screen to Check

Computer users should connect another screen to the CPU to check if the issue is within the screen or if a software glitch exists. You can hire technicians to connect another screen to the computer and check for electric connection errors and software problems. It would be best to use an excellent cable to connect the screen and CPU.

4. Repair the Dead Pixels

Sometimes, the cracks are on the inner side of the screen, which can result in dead pixels. It would be best to fix them using online software and tools. You can consult computer manufacturers to learn which software or tool is most compatible with the screen display. This will determine how to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it.

5. Bring the Video Driver Up-to-Date

Another way to fix the cracked screen without replacing it is to update the video card driver. An inaccurate driver can also cause problems with the cracked screen. Repair technicians at shops like The Mobile Market suggest contacting the manufacturer to learn about the drive that is compatible with the screen.

6. Apply a Screen Protector

A screen protector is a preventive measure to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it, helping minimize further damage. It is best to choose a protector compatible with the model and screen type, which provides an extra protection layer. Be careful when applying the protector because the wrong application can damage the screen.

7. Check the Cables and Backlight Connections

Sometimes, the cracks can be a part of a screen display glitch. A bad connection between the backlight connection and cables can cause glitches. You should check the cables and tighten them if they are loose. You can also replace the damaged cables to ensure smooth functioning.

8. Send the Computer to Screen Crack Repair Techniques

If the above temporary fixes for cracked screens don’t resolve the problem, you should take the computer screen to repair shops, including The Mobile Market. The technicians will use the right tools and techniques to restore the cracked screen.

What Happens If I Don’t Act Immediately To Fix My Cracked Computer Screen?

I you don’t act immediately to fix your cracked computer screen, the crack could worsen, potentially leading to further damage to the screen and internal components, discomfort for your eyes, and increased repair costs. If left unattended, a cracked computer screen may worsen, risking further damage and potentially impacting your productivity and visual comfort.


By following the steps mentioned above, computer users can fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it. You should understand why the screen is cracked, restart the computer, and clean the screen. Also, check by attaching another screen with the CPU, repair the dead pixels, and more. For further assistance, contact us at (403-373-1111) to learn more about this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cracked computer screen be fixed?

You can fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it by applying a screen protector, seeking professional help, and cleaning the screen.

How can I fix my LCD screen without replacing it?

You can fix the LCD screen by applying nail polish, hiring professional technicians, and using a DIY repair kit.

What is the easiest way to fix a cracked screen?

You can apply a screen protector to prevent further damage. Also, you must avoid applying pressure on the screen.