How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Charging Port?

Get Water Out Of iPhone Charging Port?

Accidents happen, and if water enters inside your iPhone charging port, don’t panic! We’re here to highlight how to safely get water out of the iPhone charging port and get your iPhone in optimal condition. A trusted iPhone repair shop has a team of professional experts who use the latest equipment to ensure durable and reliable iPhone repair services. Most importantly, you should also keep yourself aware about how to protect your phone from water damage.

6 Steps To Get Water Out Of The iPhone Charging Port

Some of the effective steps you should take successfully get water out of the iPhone charging port are as follows:

Step 1: Switch Off

The most important thing for you is to switch off your iPhone immediately in order to save it from getting permanently damaged. Additionally, it’s a good practice to check iPhone battery health regularly to ensure optimal performance and to identify any potential issues early on.

Step 2: Lightly Shake It

Lightly shake your iPhone and remove water from the charging port area. Be careful while shaking to avoid spreading the water to other parts of the phone.

Step 3: Blow Air 

If there is any remaining moisture, you can blow out air to dry it. Put your iPhone with its charging part facing down and blow gently on it. This can help you remove the water trapped inside.

Step 4: Rice or Gel

Place your iPhone inside a bowl of raw rice or gel packs. These can absorb any moisture that is still present in the charging part as well as other areas of the phone. Ensure that you leave it in rice or gel for at least a day so you can get water out of the iPhone charging port properly.

Step 5: Check For Moisture

After leaving your iPhone in rice or gel, check if there is still any water left. Using a flashlight in the charging area will let you see whether there is still water inside it. If there’s still some, dry it again until there’s no liquid in that part completely.

Step 6: Turn It On

When you are sure that the charging part has dried up, try restarting your iPhone once more. If you succeed without encountering problems, congratulations! This means that you have taken care and successfully got water out of the iPhone charging port.

Practices That Can Help Protect My Phone From Future Water Damage 

  • To protect your iPhone from water damage, use water-proof cases 
  • Avoid using your iPhone near pools and places close to water. 
  • Avoid using wet hands while using your iPhones as it can escalate the chances of water entering inside the lightning port. For more tips on keeping your device safe, refer to an iPhone safety guide.


Knowing about these key steps to get water out of the iPhone charging port such as turning off your phone, lightly shaking it,  blowing air, using rice or silica gel, check for moisture, and then try turning on your iPhone. If you’re not comfortable trying these methods yourself, it’s always a good idea to seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a hairdryer be used for drying my iPhone charging port? 

It is not recommended to use a hair dryer because the heat it produces may damage your iPhone. You should just use compressed air or rice/silica gel, they are safer methods of drying. 

What do I do if my iPhone does not turn on after it has been dried? 

If your iPhone still doesn’t turn on then there is a possibility that water damage is more severe which will require a reliable expert who repairs iPhones.