Screen Protection Tips by Cell Phone Repair Store In Airdrie

phone screen protection tips

The phone screen is one of the most sensitive parts of the mobile phone. It often gets damaged as the phone falls down or if the screen is not waterproof and water seeps through it. In any case, be it a hard fall or a few drops of water, the screen gets damaged and affects the phone’s display.

People often avoid going to any repair store to get the screen fixed because the process might be a bit expensive. However, the following tips to protect your screen.

Screen Protection Tips by Cell Phone Repair Store in Airdrie 

Following are a few inexpensive ways to protect your glass screen from breaking.

1. Use a Glass Protector 

Glass screen protectors come in lots of varieties and prices. And the best part is that you don’t need to buy the most expensive one to get the best results. The glass screen protector protects the phone’s screen from all sorts of damage. If the phone accidentally falls, only the protector would get broken, and the screen remains safe in most cases. The protector can be easily changed or replaced at a lower price at any cell phone repair shop in Airdrie.

2. Use a Mobile Cover or Case 

Nowadays, the latest modern cell phones have got glass built. The back part of the cell phone is not as strong as the front one. So along with getting a glass protector for your front screen, get a back cover so that if your phone falls, its back part is also properly protected.

While getting a phone cover, ensure it fits your phone properly. Some bodies are only stylish and do not effectively serve their purpose. Thus you should be careful to get your phone a smart yet purposeful phone cover. Any good cell phone repair center should provide you with the best covers for your cell phone.

3. Benefits of a Car Phone Holder 

A few people habitually use a cell phone while driving or sitting in the car. It is not very often occurring, but still, on rare occasions, people might drop their phones. It results in the cracking or shattering of the phone screen. To avoid this problem a car phone holder is highly recommended. These holders are available at very affordable prices. Just get the holder and attach it to any flat surface of your car and use your phone more easily.

4. Use of a Pop Socket 

There are many benefits of using a pop socket it can protect your cell phone from any accidental fall. It remains firm in your fingers, and the chance of a hard drop is reduced to a minimum.

Buy a pop socket of your preference from any reliable cell phone repair store in Airdrie and attach it to the back of your phone. Apart from serving the purpose of phone safety, a pop socket can also act as a phone stand on plane surfaces so that you can easily watch videos on a cell phone.


Mobile phones are expensive and thus must be treated with care. Mobile Market provides you with the best customer service and device repair. Your device is handled with utmost heed in the hands of experts. Visit us and decide for yourself before it gets too late to protect the screen of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the best way to protect my phone screen?

The best way to protect your phone screen is to use a tempered glass protector rather than a plastic one. Tempered glass is a better material because it can absorb the impact if you drop your phone. It is also capable of withstanding higher levels of stress on its surface. You can also use a phone cover or phone case for added protection. 

Q2. Is it worth putting a screen protector on my phone?

Using a phone protector is totally up to you, but it has the benefit of saving your phone from minor scratches that help keep it like a new one. You can protect your phone and maintain it well for a high reselling value. You can refer to a cell phone repair in Airdrie for good quality phone accessories and more elaborate maintenance of your phone.

Q3. How many times can you remove a screen protector?

You can remove the screen protector as often as you want, but you cannot always reuse it because it might lose its stickiness after use. After removing your old protector, you should always clean the screen with a microfiber cloth and then apply the new screen protector. You can do it at home very well, but if you take the services of a professional cell phone repair shop, you can get it done better.