Third Party Phone Repair Vs Apple Repair Store

Third Party Phone Repair Vs Apple Repair Store

Iphones are quite sensitive and expensive and require a lot of care. It is important to take care of them because they have important data like pictures, videos, important documents, contacts, and schedules. Losing or damaging them is unacceptable as it can lead to great loss. Unfortunately, if your iPhone gets damaged it to an expert cell phone repair store in Airdrie. A professional is recommended because they have skills and experience and know how to fix a problem by using special techniques at an affordable range. The Mobile Market offers quick, reliable, and affordable repair in Airdrie. Contact us, and our expert team will care for your worries by fixing your tech gadgets. We offer repair on all types of tech devices: smartphones, iPhones, consoles, Macs, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and many more.

Cellphone Repair Store In Airdrie vs Apple Repair Store 

Two options for fixing your iPhone will come to mind: a cell phone repair store in Airdrie and an Apple store. Everyone thinks that choosing an Apple store will be a better option, but this option is only acceptable if your device is under warranty. Once the contract expires, you have to consider many things because the table turns when the warranty expires. Following are some things you should consider while choosing a phone repair store in Airdrie:


Getting an appointment at an Apple store takes work, especially when the warranty has expired. You have to wait for a few days for an opening in the schedule, which can cause you a lot of frustration, and you can also face loss because of a lack of communication with your customers and loved ones. If the Apple store near you takes walk-ins, the time they take for repair is much more than any other cell phone repair center. Bring your faulty iPhones to us, and we will repair them in minimum time because our goal is to comfort you as much as possible.


Regardless of the repair needed, the fee that Apple stores charge for a repair when the expired warranty date is much higher than any other independent iPhone repair shop. Now the question is how much higher? It depends upon the damage caused to the device, but an estimate can be made. For example, the repair fee for a customer without Apple care+coverage is almost $599, which can vary because of the iPhone model and the type of fix it needs. 


When you buy a new iPhone, the Apple store gives you a warranty for some time. It might be convenient and affordable if you need a repair at that specific time, but repair without a warranty is out of the range. We offer repair at a very pocket-friendly cost. Our experts repair with high-quality machinery and special techniques with such great expertise that you do not have to return to us. 

Retro Phones 

The major problem that most people face is that if your Apple device is 5 to 7 years old, they will consider it retro and refuse to repair it. All they want is to sell you their advanced products. It is better to take your device to an independent expert repair shop that knows its duties very well. 

To Wrap it Up! 

There are many advantages of going to a local cell phone repair shop they also offer discounts on repairs for different businesses and organizations because we know how difficult it will be for you to manage repair bills with other charges. We have been in the market for over 15 years and offer affordable, high-quality repair at a pocket-friendly cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do you do when your phone speakers are damaged?

Whenever your phone speaker is not working fine, you should disable the do not disturb mode to get the notification right on time. See if the Bluetooth is connected to your phone and if it’s causing hindrances in the normal speaker function. It will help if you go for regular maintenance or phone speakers and regular cleaning with a clean brush. Keep removing the dust from the speakers using a brush with soft bristles. 

Q2. Can a mobile speaker be repaired?

Yes, a phone speaker can be repaired, but it depends upon the skill and expertise of the cell phone repair store in Airdrie. The technician might also need some intricate equipment today with your problem. For some cell phone manufacturing companies, you can also claim the warranty, and they can perform the repair according to your convenience. 

Q3. What causes phone speaker damage?

Your phone speaker dampens you too frequently, causing you exposure to dirt and debris. Even if it is covered and in a case, the dirt and debris tend to accumulate and affect sound quality. The death particles are so small that they tend to infiltrate the filter and disrupt normal function.