How to Fix Your Water Damaged Phone in 8 Steps

Fix Your Water-Damaged Phone

When your phone suffers water damage, it’s crucial to act quickly and follow the right technical steps to restore its functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the technical process of fixing your water-damaged phone. Here is How To Protect Your Phone From Water Damage.

From finding a reputable mobile phone repair shop and specialized iPhone repair service in Airdrie to executing the repair process, we have you covered. Let’s dive in and learn how to revive your device using technical know-how and expert advice.

Tips To Fix Your Water Damaged Phone in 8 Steps

1. Power Off and Disconnect

As soon as your phone comes into contact with water, immediately power it off to prevent electrical short circuits. Disconnect any charging cables or accessories connected to the device.

2. Remove Excess Water

Gently shake the phone to remove any excess water from the ports, speakers, and microphone. Do not vigorously shake the device, as it may cause internal components to shift or dislodge.

3. Disassemble the Device (If Possible)

If you are comfortable with disassembling your phone, carefully remove the back cover, battery, SIM card, and any other removable components. This step allows for better access to dry and clean the internal parts of the device.

4. Dry the Phone

  1. a) Pat Dry: Use a clean, lint-free cloth or absorbent towel to gently pat dry the exterior of the phone. Pay extra attention to the ports and openings.
  2. b) Use Desiccants: Place your disassembled phone and desiccant packets, such as silica gel or rice, in an airtight container. Desiccants help absorb moisture from the device. Leave it in the container for at least 24-48 hours.

5. Clean the Internal Components

If your device has been exposed to non-pure water (e.g., saltwater, chlorinated water), it’s crucial to clean the internal components with an isopropyl alcohol solution. Dip a soft-bristle brush or cotton swab into the solution and gently clean the circuit boards and connectors. Avoid excessive scrubbing.

6. Consult a Professional Repair Shop

Contact a reliable mobile phone repair shop, such as The Mobile Market, for expert assistance. They have the specialized tools and knowledge to disassemble your phone further, clean it using ultrasonic cleaners, and assess the extent of the water damage.

7. Component Inspection and Replacement

The repair technicians will meticulously inspect all internal components, including the logic board, connectors, and display. If any damaged parts are identified, they will be replaced with genuine components to ensure optimal functionality.

8. Thorough Testing and Quality Assurance

After the repair process, the technicians will reassemble your phone and conduct thorough testing. This includes checking the touchscreen responsiveness, camera functionality, audio quality, and connectivity features. They will also verify the battery’s performance and ensure there are no hidden issues.

Bonus Tips for Water-Damaged Phone Repair

  • Act Fast: Time is of the essence when it comes to water-damaged phones. The quicker you take action, the higher the chances of successful repair. Don’t delay in powering off your device and seeking professional assistance from a reputable mobile phone repair shop.
  • Avoid DIY Repairs: While it may be tempting to try fixing your water-damaged phone yourself, it’s best to leave it to the experts. DIY attempts can often cause further damage and void any existing warranties. Trust experienced technicians who have the necessary tools and knowledge to handle the repair process effectively.
  • Backup Your Data: Before handing over your phone for repair, ensure you have a backup of your phone data. This includes photos, videos, contacts, and any other valuable information stored on your device. This precautionary step will safeguard your data in case it needs to be wiped during the repair process.
  • Choose Genuine Parts: When replacing damaged components, insist on using genuine parts. Genuine parts ensure compatibility and maintain the overall quality and performance of your phone. A reliable mobile phone repair shop will use authentic parts and provide a warranty for their repairs.
  • Consider Prevention Methods: Once your phone is repaired, take preventative measures to avoid future water damage. Invest in a waterproof case or pouch to protect your device from accidental water exposure. Additionally, be cautious when using your phone near water sources and consider using a screen protector to add an extra layer of protection.


By following these technical steps and seeking professional assistance from a trusted mobile phone repair shop like The Mobile Market, you can effectively repair your water-damaged phone. 

Act quickly, take precautionary measures, and rely on the expertise of skilled technicians to restore your device to its full functionality. Don’t let water damage ruin your phone—visit The Mobile Market today for reliable water damage repair services.


Q1. How long does repairing a water-damaged phone at a mobile phone repair shop take?

The repair time for a water-damaged phone can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repair needed. In some cases, it may take a few hours, while more complex repairs may require a couple of days. It’s best to consult with the repair shop for an accurate estimate based on your phone’s condition.

Q2. Is it possible to repair an iPhone with water damage?

Yes, it is possible to repair an iPhone with water damage. iPhones are built with certain water-resistant features, but they are not completely waterproof. If your iPhone has suffered water damage, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance from a reputable iPhone repair service like The Mobile Market. Our technicians have the expertise and specialized tools to assess and repair water-damaged iPhones effectively.

Q3. How much does it cost to repair a water-damaged phone?

The cost of repairing a water-damaged phone can vary depending on several factors, including the type of phone, the extent of the damage, and the specific repair needed. It’s recommended to reach out to us for an accurate quote. We will assess the damage and provide you with an estimate for the repair cost.