What Causes LCD Screen Damage on a Phone?

Causes LCD Screen Damage on a Phone?

Your phone is a delicate piece of equipment prone to damage like cracked screen, damaged port, scratches, hardware issues, dead battery, and more. However, the worst problem that a phone user can face is LCD screen damage. But fear not because you will find experts at various repair stores like Mobile Market to explain the causes, damage types, and solutions for LCD damage. Several ways can damage LCD or liquid crystal display screens on phones. Learning the causes of smartphone LCD screen damage is vital to prevent accidents and protect the phone. Here are the causes of LCD screen damage.

5 Reasons Of LCD Screen Damage on a Phone

1. Physical Damage to the Phone’s Body

The most common LCD screen damage is physical trauma caused by dropping the phone on a solid surface. This can cause the screen to crack or break the LCD. Other types of screen problems include dead pixels, screen burn-in, and touch sensitivity issues.

2. LCD Damage by Water

Water damage is another reason for screen damage. When you accidentally drop your phone in the water, the liquid penetrates the screen and damages the display and the delicate components.

3. The Phone Overheated

Sometimes, you might leave your phone in the sunlight or a heated room. This is one of many reasons for the damage to phone LCD screens. The phone display panel experiences thermal stress.

4. The Phone Bent When Pressure Was Applied

Phone repair experts will warn you that bending and applying pressure will damage the device’s LCD screen. This will cause internal layer separation and deformation, which could be irreversible.

5. Shortcoming During the Manufacturing Process

People often observe that your phone doesn’t experience any of the above issues, but still, the screen becomes damaged. This can be because of errors made during the manufacturing process. To avoid this situation, always buy from reputed brands.

5 Signs of LCD Damage to Look For

Learning about the factors contributing to phone LCD screen damage is essential to detect the signs. Here are the signs to look for a damaged LCD screen.

  1. The first sign to look for a damaged LCD screen is to check for shattered glass, fractures, and cracks. These damages will impair visibility and disrupt the display.
  2. You will find dead pixels on the phone screen because of prolonged use, physical trauma, and manufacturing defects. These dead pixels can be of various colors, including blue, yellow, green, or red.
  3. The backlight leakage or a screen bleed occurs when light leaks from the CCFT or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes and reaches the display panel. This results in visual unclarity and distortions.
  4. Another sign explained by Mobile Market experts is that the phone’s touch system becomes unresponsive or the input erratic. Internal component failure, physical impact, or liquid damage can cause this.
  5. Pressure spots are common issues leading to LCD screen damage. They are irregularities and visible discoloration on the screen surface. They can appear when pressure is applied to the screen.

How to Prevent LCD Damage?

Phone users can take precautionary measures to prevent damage to the device screen. Here are some essential tips to ensure the phone’s display longevity, integrity, visual quality, and functionality.

  1. The first step is buying a high-quality screen protector. Your best choices can be impact-resistant and tempered glass screen protectors. They have the quality to minimize cracks and scratches and absorb shock.
  2. Next, you can invest in a shock-absorbent phone case to protect the device from accidental drops. Some phone cases have raised edges that prevent the screen from touching any surface. This protects the screen from damage.
  3. Proper cleaning and phone maintenance is another way to eliminate factors influencing LCD screen deterioration on mobiles. Ensure you clean away debris, dirt, dust, and finger smudges from the screen.
  4. Phone users should also keep their devices from heat and water. These two will damage the LCD screen and affect its functionality. Screen protection tips include using a screen protector and a sturdy phone case to minimize the risk of scratches and cracks.

What causes damage to the LCD screen?

The causes of LCD screen damage on phones include water exposure, physical impact, manufacturing defects, mishandling, pressure, and overheating.

Can phone LCD damage be fixed?

You can hire professional services to fix phone LCD damage by replacement.

Will LCD damage spread?

LCD damage, like cracks and scratches, can spread if left untreated.


It’s vital to learn what causes LCD screen damage on phones, the signs, and preventive measures to save devices from damage. The reasons for screen damage include water and physical damage, phone overheating, manufacturing flaws, and more. If your phone does experience screen damage, visiting a reputable Cell phone repair shop like Mobile Market can help in resolving the issue. However, a screen protector, a durable case, proper maintenance, and saving the phone from heat and water can protect your device.